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Aerial photo of deep cleaning carpet with dirt on carpet clearly being cleaned

Carpet Cleaning
in San Diego, CA

8-Step Cleaning Process


Prior to cleaning your carpets, we perform a thorough examination of the carpet's condition so we can take a tailored approach to the job.

Apply Cleaner Solution

We spray a special cleaning solution across your carpet that disintegrates all dirt fragments and eradicates harmful bacteria and viruses. Our solution is eco-friendly, baby-safe, pet-safe, and non-toxic. 

Final Inspection

Together, we thoroughly inspect the carpet, making sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Dry Soil Extraction

All carpet areas are pre-vacuumed. This is a crucial step in our cleaning process that lifts dry and loose dirt prior to chemical treatment.


We use an industrial spinning brush to make sure that our cleaning solution penetrates every fiber of your carpet down to the root. This ensures an effective deep clean.

Aftercare Discussion

We tell you how to properly dry and care for your carpet in the following hours to maximize the results of your clean.  

Stain Treatment

A proprietary solution is applied to stains in order to reduce discoloration caused from wear and tear, spills, and pet urine.

Rinse and Extraction

Here's where the magic happens! Our state-of-the-art machine simultaneously rinses and pulls all debris and moisture out of your carpet. Your carpet is left delightfully clean, fresh, fluffy, and dry in 2 to 4 hours after our equipment drains 95% of the moisture from it.

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